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chess kitten


i've posted the best of the photos i've taken here:


hope you will visit and enjoy. :)

i also have a few of the images for sale at deviant art:



hee i feel like a kid trawling through a jewellery box - thank you for sharing these:))
LOL!:) i don't sleep.
Wow- those are fantastic... there was one photo there on your photostream of a young homeless girl in Cologne... that one really got to me...
You are a wonderful photographer!

wonderful photographer

seconded! :)

funnily enough though - it's a small thing, that gets me. just a wall and window shot, but the window is so pure dark, it keeps drawing me back somehow.

Re: wonderful photographer

no, uh, koff! koff!, it was, sex and steel!!
i love the cruciform bars too!

*runs away trying not to examine own psyche*

ps - you have a great eye for found objects too! may i recommend this feed?
there's a new photo everyday - and many of them are great:)

Re: wonderful photographer

argh! accidentally erased all of my posts in this thread. hopefully,, my last comment to you got through via e-mail?

Re: wonderful photographer

indeed yes:))

Re: wonderful photographer

ah, good.:) would you mind sending that link again, please? it too, was lost.

Re: wonderful photographer

Re: wonderful photographer

thanks, sweetie. :)

Re: wonderful photographer

my pleasure:)