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seeing a world in a grain of kitten

american poet and photographer, happily married to german environmental chemist. we live in the country (near goettingen, germany), with our 3 cats -- dela, dharma, and vincent. i am the mother of lj's neversremedy and nana to the exquisite pinkfaeprincess.

my latest poetry offering is a chapbook published by erbacce-press, entitled welcome to Earth. it can be purchased here: http://www.erbacce-press.com/#/betsy-bogert/4535583339
absinthe, acting, alanis morisette, americans in germany, amy macdonald, amy winehouse, angels, anti-aging, anti-bush, art, artificial intelligence, artists, asimov, bbw, being eccentric, being loved, betty page, bisexuality, bowie, brilliance, buffy, cats, charles bukowski, chess, christmas, compassion, connie willis, cooking, creativity, dalai lama, david tennant, david zindell, doctor who, dolphins, dorothy parker, dr horrible, dr who, dreaming, duffy, editing, edna st. vincent millay, einstein, empathy, enigmas, family, fat admirers, feng shui, films, firefly, friends, gary snyder, generosity, genius, geniuses, goddesses, goettingen, good conversation, gourmet cooking, guitar, göttingen, healing, heinlein, herman hesse, heroes, higher dimensions, holographic universe, humor, intelligence, intimacy, jim bennett, john edward, joss whedon, kerouac, kindness, kittens, language, laughing, learning, leonard cohen, life after death, lightening, lilacs, loudon wainwright, love, margaret atwood, massage, mensa, mind expansion, moulin rouge, music, my daughter, my granddaughter, my husband, naafa, nature of reality, near-death experiences, neil gaiman, neuroscience, nick drake, nina simone, nootropics, obama, octavia butler, open minds, orchids, orson scott card, painting, parallel universes, photography, poetry, poets, prompted poetry, pushing daisies, reading, reiki, reincarnation, robots, rufus wainwright, sci-fi, science, science fiction, scientists, serenity, sherlock holmes, singing, sleeping, snow, songwriting, spirituality, stained glass, supersize bbw, suzette haden elgin, swimming, the ocean, theatre, theoretical physics, thunderstorms, tom waits, torchwood, tori amos, truth, video editing, video games, videography, water, wit, word play, writers, writing, zen buddhism