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grain of kitten

let them eat . . . mercury?

as most of you know, i'm an american living in germany.

here is why i will not be getting the swine flu vaccine here: merkel, her cabinet, associates, the german military, and celebrities, will be getting the "good" vaccine (imported from the u.s.), and the rest of us peasants will be given a potentially toxic alternative jab containing mercury, among other nasty things. most doctors are in an uproar and are telling their patients that the benefits of the german (non-elite) vaccine do not out-weigh the risks.


president obama today declared swine flu a national emergency -- to allow hospitals and clinics to begin making preparations for triage. current stats in u.s.: millions have been infected since april, 20,000 currently in hospital, 1,000 dead since august 29th.

if you live in the u.s., please get your vaccine if you're in a high-risk group, primarily children over 3 years, and young adults to 24. the vaccines are apparently quite safe - or the german elite wouldn't have bought them from the u.s. pharmacy -- if you can find one, that is -- only one-tenth of the needed doses in america are available so far. in seattle, they should be there on the 30th. be prepared to wait in line, and possibly still not be able to get the vaccine, even if you are high-risk.) here is the seattle website with hotline number that will give out locations:


may you all be flu-free, this winter and always.


we had duck flu
then swine* flu
now i want ANT FLU! :))

*so named coz only swines get vaccinated against it apparently.