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hi! wanna play?

good news!

i keep meaning to post about this and forgetting!

2 of my fine art photos have been requested by the "southeast center for photographic studies" at daytona college, florida, to be included in an exhibition in october and november.

afterwards, the "southeast museum of photography" wishes to add them to their permanent collection. :)))

now i just need the time to prepare them and send them in!


Wow! That is great news, Betsy! How rewarding this news must be for you!
thanks so much, regina! yes, it really is rewarding. i haven't been able to market my photography for ages, and in this case, they just contacted me out of the blue, or rbg as the case may be. :)
thx, wytch. :)
thanks, my friend! :)
Congratulations! What wonderful news.

Do you by any chance know James Stanley Dougherty? He is a friend who does some wonderful, interesting photographic work that has beens shown around and about.

Another friend is in Wales studying at university on his masters concerning photography (don't know the actual degree)
thanks so much, terri. :) sorry, but i don't know dougherty's work -- i'm a bit out of touch here in germany.